Events in the dark

Let Noir organise your event for you. This could be anything from a dinner for two or a much larger event. We do birthday parties and anniversaries as well as corporate events such as company meals, Christmas meals or year end parties, product launches and team building exercises. We offer special deals for charities and foundations.

Noir offers an opportunity to enhance creativity, break down hierarchical barriers and act as a catalyst for genuine interaction. This is an ideal environment to question the way we perceive the world as individuals and also to restore our connection to others.

In the dark, people have the rare opportunity to free themselves from preconceived notions and ideas governed by sight, therefore allowing them to have a more intense and authentic experience. Noir offers companies an opportunity to boost their employees’ creativity and self-confidence and enables a new way to communicate and interact with each other.

Eating at Noir is more than just having lunch or dinner. It evokes a genuine sensory experience that each employee, client or partner will remember. We have structured our team around positive experiences and removing all visual preconceptions. With this in mind, the experience of lunch or dinner in the dark can be an effective, unique tool for human resource training and team building.

Noir is able to accommodate 2-54 people per session, or a total of 108 in two sessions in one afternoon or evening or two half days.

The Lounge, Bar and Outdoor Terrace can function as a cocktail and reception area before and after dinner or as a break area between sessions. Noir offers a range of options to companies organizing events. With our expertise in this special area, Noir can advise on the best way to plan and execute your event. Some ideas are dinner in the dark, a sensory workshop, a seminar, a team building exercise, a food or beverage tasting, a debate, a press conference, a lecture, a fashion show, a contemporary dance, story reading or a concert.

The options are endless!


It is already a very sensory experience, but imagine sight removed from the equation. No more factoring in colors and legs of a particular wine, but instead solely focusing on the aromas and exciting tastes.

Put your wine tasting skills to the test; can you taste the difference between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot?


Imagine a corporate meeting in complete darkness. Who is sitting where? What are they wearing? Darkness can be a great equalizer. More introverted people may be more willing to speak up. And there is much more focus on listening to the words being said than on body language and appearance.


Great songs and melodies can be enjoyed in the dark, but often at concerts the view can distract. In the dark, appearances cannot distract you. Instead, your hearing focuses solely on the beauty of the music itself.


Please feel free to contact us for your own unique and tailor made event in the dark.

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